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SZ-793 neutral mildew weatherproof silicone sealant

SZ-793 neutral mildew weatherproof silicone sealant

Product characteristics:

*  one component, neutral Curing at room temperature, high adhesion,Easy to use, it has good extrudability and thixotropic in the temperature range of 4-40℃.

*  Mildew excellence, strong adhesion, no corrosion. With most of the building materials do not require the end of the coating can obtain excellent sealing performance, with good extensibility, water density and other functions.

*  Cured product formed after the cold, heat, no corrosion of the elastomer, excellent weather resistance, anti-aging, UV resistant, resistant to ozone and resistance to high and low temperature performance.

Main use:

*  Applicable to all kinds of kitchen utensils, sanitary ware installation and sealing waterproof mildew.

*  All kinds of door and window glass installation, sealing.

Storage period:

The storage period is 9 months in the temperature lower than 27℃and dry condition.

Meet the standards:

SR 20HM 1 JC/T885-2001


This product is transported by non - dangerous goods.

Technical index:

Droop (mm)

Standard (23 + 2℃) table dry time (Min)

Shore hardness (A)

Maximum tensile length%

Modulus (MPa)

Fixed capacity

Extended adhesive








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