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SZ-650Advanced engineering weatherproof silicone sealant

SZ-650Advanced engineering weatherproof silicone sealant

Product characteristics:

*  One component, neutral curing, easy to use, in the temperature range of 4-40℃has good extrudability and thixotropy.

*  Strong adhesion, no corrosion, no bottom coating with the majority of building materials with good adhesion.

*  Cured product formed after the cold, heat, no corrosion of the elastomer, excellent weather resistance, anti-aging, UV resistant, resistant to ozone and resistance to high and low temperature performance, has a long service life.

*  It has a good compatibility with our company other silicone sealant.

Main use:

*  All kinds of glass, stone (marble, granite), aluminum and steel materials such as seam adhesive waterproof seal.

*  Various doors and windows of the installation and sealing.

Storage period:

The storage period is 12 months in the temperature lower than 27℃and dry condition.

Meet the standards:



This product is transported by non - dangerous goods.

Technical index:

Droop (mm)

Standard (23 + 2℃) table dry time (Min)

Shore hardness (A)

Maximum tensile length%

Modulus (MPa)

Fixed capacity

Extended adhesive







No damage