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SZ-7132 Plate glass,fish tank special-purpose silicone sealant

SZ-7132 Plate glass,fish tank special-purpose silicone sealant

Product characteristics:

*  SZ-7132 is glass silicone sealant which is DE acetic type, single component, room temperature curing,high strength senior glass sealant.

100% imported organic silicon raw material production, good elasticity, moderate hardness, fast curing speed, with high flexibility, high transfer capability, bond strength, and most of the building materials with good bonding performance.

*  Excellent water resistance, anti-aging and climate, high and low temperature performance has long service life.

*  After curing, it has a high modulus performance, which can carry the flexible displacement capacity of 25%.

Main use:

*  Large flat glass assembly projects, lighting top sun panels and the structural bonding of the process of glass assembly.

*  Bonding assembly of all kinds of large fish tanks.

*  Point type and fully transparent glass curtain wall structural assembly.

*  Bonding and sealing of all kinds of glass assembly projects.

Storage period:

The storage period is 12 months in the temperature lower than 27℃and dry condition.

Meet the standards:

1M G GB/T16776-2005


This product is transported by non - dangerous goods.

Technical index:

Droop (mm)

Standard (23 + 2℃) table dry time (Min)

Shore hardness (A)

Maximum tensile length%

Modulus (MPa)

Fixed capacity

Extended adhesive

No deformation






No damage 

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