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Sanze silicone sealant attend the 119th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair)

 Sanze silicone sealant attend the  119th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair)

First, the general situation of the exhibition

Half of the total number of generally accounted for only 92719 93828 2016 spring rendezvous (119th session of the Canton Fair) the first 19 closing, announced the day before the 4th purchaser taking attendance, although only than 2015 Spring Trade Fair in the period of 1109, but in the past five years, the first positive growth. Among them from China, Hong Kong, the purchaser is the main growth, Japan, Europe and the United States also increased, India, Brazil, Africa is obviously reduced; at the same time, this session of the Canton Fair, the first four day meeting buyers than the previous fall rendezvous (the 118th) over the same period growth of 5.4%. In accordance with past practice, the meeting procurement business when the session at the meeting procurement business around.

As of April 19, a closing, Museum of minerals and chemicals accumulated turnover of $40.5 billion, compared with growth of 12.26% over the same period, the 118th session of the Canton Fair (hereinafter referred to as the chain), in order to clinch a deal the chain increased 4.3%. Minmetals chemical industry has begun to slow signs of recovery.

From the perspective of product categories, non ceramic sanitary ware, ceramic sanitary equipment rapid growth, amplitude is achieved respectively and 188.56%. 198.56% from the nature of the enterprise point of view, the main force of the turnover of the private enterprises are still Museum of minerals and chemicals, share of 66.82%, turnover rose 18.43%, increased significantly. From the point of view of the types of enterprises and foreign trade enterprises to export turnover accounted for Museum of minerals and chemicals of the total turnover 48.26%, turnover rose 5.96%; export production enterprise transaction chain grow 18.68%; industry and trade enterprises sold the chain growth of 15.16%.

From the transaction market, Asia is still the Minmetals chemical products mainly export market. Exports to Asia turnover accounted for total export turnover of 37.48%, growth of% and 13.57%, respectively. In Europe, America and Africa market exports showed a rising trend, chain growth amounted to 16.84%, 10.83% and 5.65%. The brand exhibition export total turnover $9.1 billion, growth of 23.52%.

Secend, SanZe companies attend in the Canton Fair

14-20 April 2016, the companies to participate in this session of the Canton Fair, booth advisory clients (interested in the product) to about 1000 people, leave contact customers 340 people, take company catalog number of about 800 people, customer intention of 60 people, other leave contact customers need further exchange of communication.