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SZ8800 two-component hollow glass silicone sealant

SZ8800 two-component hollow glass silicone sealant

Product characteristics:

u  SZ-8800 is a two-component, neutral curing at room temperature, which has high adhesion, high strength, specially designed for sealing hollow glass.

u  Curing speed can be adjusted, deep curing fast, short curing period and mechanical sizing, is conducive to the construction process.

u  For metal, coated glass and other building materials, and most of the construction material with the intention of the sealing performance, and has a good ductility, water tightness and other functions.

u  The product A group is divided into white, B group is divided into black, A/B group according to the volume ratio of 10:1 (mass ratio 12:1) mixed use, after mixed after the color is black.

Main use:

Suitable for hollow glass two bond seal.

Storage period:

The storage period is 9 months in the temperature lower than 27℃and dry condition.

Meet the standards:

SR-20HM-JC/T 486-2001


This product is transported by non - dangerous goods.

Technical index:

Droop (mm)

Standard (23 + 2℃) table dry time (Min)

Shore hardness (A)

Maximum tensile length%

Modulus (MPa)

Fixed capacity

Extended adhesive







No damage